Covid 19 Policy

Auckland Access Hire is able to operate through all levels of covid-19 to enable essential building and construction services to continue.

Contactless deliver of equipment is able to happen at all levels

How are we able to operate safely: Protecting ourselves and others

  • At the Yard or Office
    • All employees of Auckland Access Hire employees will work from home if they are able to do so.
    • Any employee of Auckland Access who needs to go into the yard or onto a site will must feel well and not have any signs of being unwell
    • Only 1 employee of Auckland Access will be in the yard/office at one time. All communal areas will be cleaned and sanitised upon departure
  • Onsite or at a public space
    • All employees will wear an adequate mask to cover both the mouth and nose
    • All vehicles will contain hand sanitizer and must be used when entering and exiting a site or public space
    • All employees will keep a log of their movements. The NZ covid tracer app is preferred otherwise a manual log book is also acceptable
    • All employees with wear a set of cloves when handling equipment to ensure that no cross contamination occurs
    • All employees will maintain a minimum of 2m physical distancing
  • When delivering or collecting equipment from a site
    • As per (A) and (B)
    • The site contact will be notified when the gear arrives and will be left in a suitable position

All control panels and handrails are sanitised at the start and end of each hire

And don’t worry, our Invoices also include contactless delivery straight to your inbox