Vertical masts and Eco lifters

Looking for a small compact EWP to work inside a foyer, Gym floor or in between floors of multilevel buildings, our vertical masts and eco lifters are perfect for the job.

With lightweight options, push around EWPS or compact vertical masts, our range is sure to impress. Whether it be Narrow doorways, Low level ceilings or wooden floors you are working with then we have an option suitable for you.

Wanting to replace the unsafe step ladders but don’t want something to big? Our 3m eco lifters are brilliant! These compact EWPS have no batteries or audible alarms meaning they are perfect use in live office spaces, these compact machines are simply pushed through the doorway and give the operator a platform height up to 1.5m. These EWPS allow the operator to have 2 feet flat on the platform at all times, being enclosed in a basket also means there is no risk of tripping or simply falling off.

 ProductSpec sheetWorking heightSafe working loadWeightPlatform lengthPlatform width
3m Eco Lifter 3.5m 150kg 180kgs .71m .60m
6m Vertical Mast 5.66m 230kg 1090kg 1.25m .68m
10m Push around Mast 10m 125kgs 340kgs .60m .60m