Electric Scissor Lifts

Do you have an access requirement for an indoor space or flat concrete surface, Our electric slab range may be perfect for the job?

Our electric range is great for working indoors at height. With non-marking tyres, No fuel fumes and only the sound of audible alarms, these EWPS are perfect.

With our vertical masts and 1930 scissor lifts being under 800m wide, they are perfect for fitting through standard door ways.

All our Electric masts and scissor lifts can be driven at full height, pot hole protectors automatically deploy and the machine automatically lowers the drive speed to keep you and your surroundings safe!

 ProductSpec sheetWorking heightSafe working loadWeightPlatform lengthPlatform width
6M Electric Slab Scissor lift 5.8m 227kgs 900kgs 1.85m .60m
7.8m electric slab scissor lift 7.77m 230kgs 1520kgs 1.72m-2.59m .74m
10m Electric slab scissor lift 10.15m 450kgs 2330kgs 2.31m-3.23m 1.2m
12m Electric slab scissor lift 11.98m 300kgs 2470kgs 2.31m – 3.23m 1.2m
14m Electric Rough terrain scissor lift ( 4WD ) 14.19m 360kgs 5700kgs 3.83m 1.65m

Looking for vertical and horizontal reach, check out our 15m electric Knuckle Boom.