Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Are you working on uneven surfaces, non-compacted gravel or a sloping section of pavement? Our Rough terrain Scissor lifts are sure to be a winner.

If 4wd and automatic dif lock are not enough, how about automatic levelling of the outriggers – Just hold down the switch and let the EWP do the hard work for you. What ever terrain the EWP is on, the 4 outriggers will ensure you have a level platform to work on.

Working on a roof top? Once the scissor lift is against the building Simply elevate the machine slightly about the roof height, push out the 1.2m extension platform, and this will give you a safe transition on and off the machine. With a lift capacity of 450kgs on our 12m and 565kgs on our 10m, your tools and a teammate up with you – How efficient is that.

 ProductSpec sheetWorking heightSafe working loadWeightPlatform lengthPlatform width
10m Rough terrain scissor lift (4WD) 10.28m 565kg 3520kg 2.45m-3.7m 1.45m
12m Rough terrain scissor lift (4WD) 12.06m 565kg 4110kg 2.45m-3.7m 1.45m
14m Electric Rough terrain scissor lift ( 4WD ) 14.19m 360kgs 5700kgs 3.83m 1.65m

Looking for vertical and horizontal reach, check out our 16m diesel Knuckle Boom or 23m Telescopic boom.